The ultimate relaxation pose

Supta baddha konasana, or reclining bound angle pose, is the king of restorative yoga poses. It opens up the front of the body so that shoulders move back, chest broadens, abdominals and inner thighs lengthen, groin and hips release. It's quite a vulnerable position, as you're placed in a backbend, your soft front body exposed to … Continue reading The ultimate relaxation pose


Unravelling tension

Yoga does, inevitably, involve a lot of stretching. You don’t, however, always need to find the stretch. If you are constantly striving for a feeling of lengthening muscles, you may end up overdoing it, losing the simple pleasure of being in the pose, or even adding tension. Stop trying so hard all the time. It … Continue reading Unravelling tension

Why do yoga?

I'm not super-stretchy. Or super-strong. Or super-anything. I do yoga because it makes me feel better and I teach yoga because I love it. Just as you have to use your muscles to keep them strong, you need to explore your range of movement to retain or improve it. I experienced yoga before children (BC) and after children (AC). … Continue reading Why do yoga?