Wave your hands in the air (like you don’t care)

Every time you set foot on your yoga mat, you’re making a voyage of discovery. You don’t have to do a whole long practice. If you have ten minutes to spare, strike a pose, take a few deep breaths, and notice how you are today.

lie downTry it now. Something really simple.

Lie down on the floor. Let your body settle. Maybe you need to bend your legs to be comfortable – that’s fine.

Start to notice your breathing. Place your hands on your belly so that you can really feel the breath moving through your body – skin, fascia, muscles, bones shifting around each inhale and exhale.

wave armsAs you inhale, float your arms up in the air. As you exhale, let the shoulder blades settle back into the floor. Now, waft your arms around, side to side, round and round, making small, subtle movements, like kelp swaying in the seawater. Feel the response of the shoulders as you make these gentle shiftings.

arms overheadWhen you feel ready, slowly exhale the arms towards the floor behind you. If you reach the floor, let the arms settle there for a few breaths. If your arms don’t make it to the floor comfortably, try popping blocks or cushions behind you, so that your arms can rest on supports. Now relax and allow your shoulders to broaden.

When you feel ready, bring your arms back down by your sides and rest for a breath or two.

raise legsTry taking your legs up in the air. Keep the knees bent, legs might be a little apart. See if you can find a point where minimal effort is required to hold them there. Then have a little wiggle – seaweed legs, swaying around in the water. Maybe bring your hands to your kneecaps and circle the legs around. Or hug your knees to your chest and rock and roll, massaging your back against the floor. Be a pleasure seeker, looking for what feels good.

wave arms and legsRest the legs down for a few breaths. On an inhale, float your arms and legs into the air. Let your limbs be light while your spine, shoulders and pelvis settle heavily into the floor. Allow your body to feel connected – limbs to body, body to ground. Notice your breathing. Enjoy.

Come back down, maybe take a lying twist to each side, then spend a couple more moments stretched out on the floor. Take a deep breath or two, perhaps sighing on the exhale. Calmly bring yourself up to standing. Better?

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